Book 2 of the Youngtalon Chronicles

It’s been a month since Rogue left behind his old name of Mage Youngtalon. A month since he became a full fledged spy for the Cassian’s Recon and Research Division.

A month since he failed to save his sister from King Ides of Delano.

Now there is a war between Cassia and Delano over the Sylvainian territory in the North. The Delanians are still using the dangerous isotope weapons developed by Dr. Vise and Meta-humans continue to go missing. Is someone continuing Dr. Vise’s disputable work? And can Rogue stop them before both kingdoms are completely destroyed?

In the midst of all of this, there are rumors that the barbarian Sylvainian prince might still be alive. And he wants revenge. The prince had access to rare shape shifting technology right before his disappearance, which means he could be anyone.

Tensions are already high, and now Rogue doesn’t know who to trust, or if he can even trust himself.

Writing Status: Outlining