Skillshare Classes

Skillshare is a community of creative learners who come together to, well, share their skills. There are thousands of video classes being taught on subjects from writing, and publishing, and art, to computer programming and business. There is something for everyone. With a Premium membership you can have unlimited access to all of their thousands of classes and a Premium membership can be as low as $8.25 a month.

I have started teaching writing classes with Skillshare. Here is where I will list all my available classes. The links to the classes are included in the class name. Enjoy!


Creating Realistic Characters Using Myers-Briggs Personality Types1

This class is for those who seek to enhance their creative writing skills by focusing on one of the most important elements of any narrative: the characters. If you are a beginning writer, or just want to learn another way to approach the art of creating realistic and well rounded characters, then this class is for you.

Myers-Briggs personality typing is a psychological theory that can easily be used to help an author pinpoint a character’s behavior patterns and make them more relatable to their audience.

In this class we will learn what the Myers-Briggs types are and how they can be applied to your characters. We will work together through various writing prompts, crafting scenes in which your characters will demonstrate the personality you have assigned to them.

You will walk away from this class having a deeper understanding of your fictional characters and how to present them to your audience in a realistic way.