Character Interview- Veto Youngwane

Character Interview_Veto YoungwaneBack in May, I decided to conduct some character interviews in order to help me flesh out my characters for Mage. Naturally the first character I interviewed was the title character, Mage himself. Today I’m going to interview Veto, his fellow spy and teammate.

Veto is a young man of about fifteen. He has short light brown hair that sticks straight up, making him look slightly taller than he is. This is perhaps on purpose because he is only five feet and four inches, a little short for his age. He has very light brown eyes that are almost gold that seem to roam around and take in every detail. He smiles easily, dropping his wiry frame into the chair across from me.

Hello, Veto. Thanks so much for joining me today.
No problem.

So you are one of the main supporting characters in this story. What was your first impression of Mage when you two met?
What do you mean “supporting character?”

Uh, well you’re not the main character…
Says you.

Well I am the author… so yeah.
If you say so.

Sooooo… first impression of Mage?
He was irritable when I first met him. Didn’t like my poking around in his stuff or picking his pockets. He threatened me with a wrench. I knew we were going to be good friends right away.

So you could tell that you were going to be friends from him threatening you?
We had too much in common to not become friends.

Really? At first glance you two seem pretty different.
It is true, I’m charming and handsome and he’s… well him. But it’s what’s inside that counts you know?

How magnanimous. 
Thank you.

So what’s inside both of you that you have in common?
In all seriousness, we have the same core values.


So Mage said he was a spy to protect his sister, even though it meant his work kept him away from her. Do you also have trouble balancing family life with your work?
That’s a boring question. You should ask me about my amazing skills. For example, most teams of spies are sent out in groups of three. And the team mates are usually skilled in different areas of combat. I’ve been specializing in marksmanship and stealth, and I’ve got to say-

I think you’re dodging my question.
Of course I am. Now, as I was saying, I am pretty glitching amazing at my particular niche.

Mage also dodged my question about family and spy work.
Weird. It’s like we’re spies who keep secrets to protect people we care about.

Ah. Point taken.
Good. ‘Cause like I said, it was a boring question.

How about this one. If you could do anything, if you weren’t a spy, what would you want to do?
Is this a “how would you like to make a living” question or an “if you could do anything, no consequences, no strings attached” question?

Well, I haven’t given a lot of thought to what other sorts of things I’d do to make a living. I’m only 15, so under the normal or ideal circumstances I wouldn’t really have to worry about that sort of thing just yet. I do actually enjoy my work as a spy, but I don’t think I’d chose it. I don’t know, maybe I’d be a street performer. Put my natural charm and good looks to work.

And if you could do anything at all?
No consequences?

Sure. No consequences.
I’d probably want to be a burglar.

I enjoy the challenge. I don’t think I really want to take people’s property, but I like the thrill of sneaking into a secure place and taking something without being detected. I’m good at it. It’s fun.

Alright, last question, let’s say you’re bummed.
Sure. Totally bummed.

What would one do if they wanted to try and cheer you up?
Hmmm… good question. I think, ultimately, if I was actually bummed out, I would just want to be taken seriously. I joke around a lot, but if I’m actually showing that I’m upset, then I’m probably really upset. The best thing to do would be to not make light of the situation.

That is good to know. Thank you again for meeting with me. 
Sure. Hey, off the record, I want to talk to you about this “supporting” character thing….



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