5 Writing Challenges I want to try

5 writing challenges i want to trySo, I like Pinterest. I like it quite a bit. I go there to get creative ideas for all sorts of things: craft projects, cheap romantic dates ideas, cooking recipes. I also use it for story prompts and ideas. Occasionally, I’ve even found a few writing challenges I’d like to try someday. Maybe they will show up in my Quarterly Writing Goals in the future.

Here is a list of 5 Writing challenges I’d like to try someday:

1. Use lyrics of favorite song as a basis for short story.

I got the idea from this Pin graphic:


I think that this would be a super fun writing exercise and I always like listening to music while I write.

2. The 30 day flash fiction challenge.

This one would be daunting. Flash Fiction doesn’t come easily to me. At the same time, whenever I write it I can tell that it is stretching me as a writer and forcing me to become better. I know I’d probably make a ton of crappy pieces during a flash fiction challenge, but there might be a couple of gems in there too.

3. Expand on a real life story and tell how the paper got it wrong.

This would be fun I think. Especially as a fiction writer. So many times, especially in an urban fantasy genre, there is a big magical catastrophe, but a real world explanation for what people saw. It would be interesting to write the story the other way around.

4. Another 30 day challenge: 30 Days to Think like a Writer.

I found this on Pinterest, but it led me to the darcypattison.com blog Fiction Notes. Among other cool looking challenges, this one involves writing 750 words each day for a month. The cool thing about this particular challenge is that there is a list of what to write about for each day.

For example, on day 14 the task is to write a bunch of titles. These would be titles of stories you might want to write. I like this as a way to get creative juice flowing. It also creates a list that you can come back and refer to on days when your muse takes a vacation.

5. NaNoWriMo

Otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month. This takes place in November. I do need to clarify, I have actually tried this challenge before. Twice. This time I actually want to WIN NaNo. Winning means actually completing the challenge of 50k words of a first draft during the month of November. My first year I got 11,561 words. Eh, not terrible, but not great. Last year I got 32,137 words. That’s even closer.

Maybe this is my year, guys! Maybe I’ll crack 50k this year. This time I’m going to put more planning and preparation into it. I’ll also be working on Rouge, the sequel to Mage, since I’ve finished the first draft of Mage already.


I do tend to get overly ambitious when it comes to hobby projects like this, but it’s fun to dream big about goals.


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